Adapting Lord of the Rings

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Post by Pettytyrant101 on Thu May 04, 2017 1:40 pm

'If I recall correctly you did and it worked'- Ringo

{{ I did indeed- and thanks, I thought it worked pretty well too- better than I even suspected it might when I began.

But it is an interesting thought experiment- would folk have accepted four film, with TT split in two following two different story lines-it would be unique and brave thats for sure- but actually I think folk would go for it- the Aragorn story, which they would get first is exciting, action packed and full of new places and characters. The ext film would be insular, somewhat claustrophobic, solely focused don three characters as a a charterer piece- but again new places, new monsters and one hell of a ciffhanger climax- so again I think whilst audiences might resent the initial idea they would in fact have enjoyed the result.
And the Frodo/Sam line in particular could have got the attention it deserves if it were its own thing rather than the messed up, badly thought through version of events we do get.}}

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