Concerning Admins

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Re: Concerning Admins

Post by Orwell on Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:48 am

So I have been a mod longer than you Eldo.... ha ha... Eldo, sit on it!!!!! cheers cheers cheers

Actually, five years has gone quick! Shocked

And I haven’t been invited over to Admin HQ once.... where’s My 5 year medal?!?! Mad And where’s my story!?!? Mad

"Skirts!" cried our respectable Master Odo. "Skirts! And they have the temerity to call them 'kilts'.... Eru darn my socks!"

From "The True Tale of the Un-magical Coal Scuttle."
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Re: Concerning Admins

Post by Eldorion on Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:00 am

You would have passed my total years ago if things had gone the way I wanted at the time. Wink The reason I made Ally a moderator in 2013 (something that a couple people in her promotion thread said they thought was unnecessary) was because I wanted her to succeed me as admin and hoped to abdicate in her favor in relatively short order. There were a number of reasons why I ultimately decided that wasn't the best course of action, though, and I'm glad that the forum eventually went to someone with steadier hands than either of us.

Amarië hit the nail on the head a few pages back when she referred to January 25 as "Eldorion Liberation Day". Razz I can look back on parts of my experience with pride but I really did not enjoy the position, I just felt a sense of obligation toward the site and the community.
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