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Post by The Archet Bugle on Thu May 24, 2012 2:43 am



Shannon in her visible form was, depending on what phase the moon happened to be, either a beautiful raven-haired girl of medium height, or a handsome boy. Both girl and boy were like twins, similar and dissimilar, and no human would ever likely guess rer to be anything other than a human girl when a girl, or a human boy when a boy, unless ree was careless. Shannon always chose the strategy – when out and about – to clad rerself as a human boy. In this way ree got through to eleventh year at Broadmeadows Secondary School with rer elfishness undetected.

When Shannon was very young, of course, the duality of rer nature was more easily disguised, for while elfs mature at a slow rate sexually, they mature mentally much faster than humans, and naturally cunning. This is just as well, because since modern times - long since the Dark Age persecutions and their near genocide - elfs have had need to blend seamlessly into human society – or as seamlessly as possible - or perish.

Shannon’s family, her Grandmother, Mother and Aunt, and several of rer cousins, migrated to Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia in the late Nineteenth Century. One of Shannon’s cousins, Glynn, was also rer Father, and while more than a century old, Glyn was still yet to bear a child rerself and thus had not transformed yet into rer - for want of a better word - permanent state; so Shannon's sham that ree was a human boy with a human Mother and Father could more readily be preseved. To ensure no mistakes or discoveries were made, Glyn stayed at home, receiving a Mental Disability Pension, which helped explain why his sojourns out in the human world were quite rare. Grandmother, Mother and Aunt had not these disadvantages, being fully and permanently female, ever since giving birth at one stage or another.

Shannon's Grandmother, Marion, moved the family to Bendigo in early 2012CE, because Shannon’s friends at school were beginning to notice something slightly unusual about rer. While it was clear they had no idea she was not human, they had begun to make comments on some of rer behaviour, which to them seemed slightly eccentric. Marion was too old and wise to take chances.

So, much to Shannon’s disappointment, the family packed up their campervan – which had been parked in the rear yard of their rented house in Broadmeadows for twelve years – and drove up to Bendigo in the Central Victorian Goldfields. Marion had rented a large weatherboard house in Miner’s Road, Eaglehawk, not far from the Secondary School where Shannon would finish rer studies as a twelfth year student.

Shannon was seventeen years old at the beginning of this tale, and ree was quite naive for an elf rer age.
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Shannon Empty Re: Shannon

Post by Forest Shepherd on Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:08 am


"'But whereas we have drunk with thee, who seemest to be a man of lineage, and thou hast been blithe with us, we will tell thee that we have seen one riding south along the Greenway, clad in a coat as green as the way, with the leafless tree done on his breast. So nigh to him we were that we heard his cry as he sped along, as ye may hear the lapwing whining, for he said: "POINT AND EDGE, POINT AND EDGE! THE RED WATER AMIDST OF THE HILLS!" In my lifetime such a man hath, to my knowledge, been seen thrice before; and after each sight of him followed evil days and the death of men.'"

-The Well at the World's End, William Morris
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Shannon Empty Re: Shannon

Post by Orwell on Sun Feb 24, 2019 6:15 am

The things Ol’ Anon came up with when he was in the mood, and no mistake! He can be a puzzle at times, even to himself! No doubt, he’s forgot all about this... Indeed, will only vaguely remember ever writing this if and whenever he reads it here.... yes, some vague recollections will recollect in his mind when he reads this, I’m sure... just like they have in my mind... strange place, Forumshire, makes you late for dinner... Very Happy

"Skirts!" cried our respectable Master Odo. "Skirts! And they have the temerity to call them 'kilts'.... Eru darn my socks!"

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