Damn Computers (in appropriate category)

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Re: Damn Computers (in appropriate category)

Post by Eldorion on Fri May 18, 2018 9:13 pm

LastPass has worked well for me. Not reusing passwords is the most important thing, as you mention.
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Re: Damn Computers (in appropriate category)

Post by Mrs Figg on Sat May 19, 2018 2:04 pm

So just to be sure, when I go to airports I always use their free wifi, which is probably silly, but its boring in airports, will lastPass incript all those passwords too, as when I first downloaded it gave me a list of all the places I have ever used and left a password, and all the airports were on the list, I am assuming they incript everything? I wish I had known about this password manager thingie before as its a really good idea.

Also the other day Mr Figg had a nasty surprise, someone had bought stuff on his credit card, so he had to block it, he only uses it for petrol and shopping, and Amazon, does anyone know how this is possible and how can you protect your credit card number from hackers, what I don't understand is how they got the number. Can people at the cash desks somehow copy your credit card number? or can they find it online? No I know it happens every day but its horrible how seemingly easy it is. can you have a double protection for credit card purchases?

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Re: Damn Computers (in appropriate category)

Post by halfwise on Mon Jul 30, 2018 7:17 pm


I doubt if this is happening soon, but the author writes about microsoft's intention to move windows to a rental arrangement, where you can't buy to own. If it does happen it will probably be as a business option with private ownership still possible. If they do force the move to pure rental, it will be the end of microsoft as a personal option.

If so, most people will migrate to linux. I haven't used linux in a long time, but my sense is that when Mac went to a unix base a decade ago, it prompted the linux community to become more user friendly in order to migrate linux apps to mac. Mac OS is no longer the only user-friendly version of the unix variety, and the only reason everyone hasn't jumped to linux is familiarity and legacy MS apps. That may change.

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